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3 Ways Email Communities Save You Time

By May 15, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

A Trusted Community is a group of trusted entities that, as a result, are given preferential treatment and allowed into your network. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn require verification before allowing individuals to be friends or connections, giving people the opportunity to build their own Trusted Community. Sendio lets you use the same concept to create a completely secure corporate communication channel.

The majority of anti-spam “solutions” focus on the content they want to block instead of the content they want to let in. For example, blacklisting sets criteria for what a “bad” sender is and filters accordingly. In content filtering (as discussed here), criteria is set for what “bad” content is and filtered accordingly. IP reputation services filter their messages based on criteria for “bad” IP sources. As hackers develop even more sophisticated attacks, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify what material needs to be blocked.

The benefits of Trusted Communities.

  • Trusted Communities require less management time. Since email attacks are constantly evolving, email protection methods using blacklists or content-filtering depend on continuous updates. By contrast, a Trusted Community eases management time by only allowing communication from trusted sources. Learn how Sendio saved the City of Lincoln, NE 40 hours each month.
  • Trusted Communities deliver an unprecedented level of security by eliminating the threat of spam, phishing, malware, etc. It is much easier to identify what you want running on your system than what you don’t want. With threat-centric approaches like blacklisting and the influx in targeted, covert attacks, you can never be certain the intruders can’t get in.
  • Trusted Communities guarantee receipt of all important email. Missing an important email can be just as crippling to your business as the receipt of a harmful one. In a Trusted Community, you never have to worry about wanted emails getting lost in your spam filter.

Interested in learning more? Read our white paper and learn How to Reclaim your Email Using Trusted Communities. This is just one of many informative resources in our download library.