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4 Ways the Right Email Security Service Makes Your Life Easier

By September 23, 2015March 29th, 2019Blog

For many IT departments, email becomes more and more of a headache every year. Users are inundated with messages, many of them spam, and most email security services don’t do much to help the situation. Employees are experiencing email overload, and that makes them more likely to lean on IT for relief.

Of course, these email issues take your attention away from more important IT concerns. Maybe it’s time to look for a new email security service that can help make your life easier in several ways:

You’ll stop spending time fine-tuning your company’s content filtering.

Most email security services require quite a bit of fine-tuning. Filtering that is too strict will cause false positives; too lax and it will let spam messages through. It falls to IT to find the perfect balance—and then continuously revisit the settings to respond to new threats.

But when your email security is missing the mark, optimizing the filtering strength becomes a constant challenge. To avoid this altogether, look for a solution that uses alternative filtering strategies to protect against spam, viruses and malware schemes. That way, the IT folks won’t have to worry about trying to stay ahead of cybercriminals’ techniques as they constantly evolve.

 You can rest assured that email won’t be the source of a breach.

With more than 100 billion emails sent and received every day, it’s no wonder IT professionals lose sleep over the possibility of a virus or phishing scheme. But you can make your life a whole lot easier by implementing an email security solution that plugs any potential security leaks. Seek a system that uses strategies such as pattern matching to identify malicious senders, rather than filtering by content, which is problematic.

Pattern matching sources each sender’s IP address and then uses machine learning to identify any that seem suspicious or have been flagged by security researchers. That means if you mark a message as spam, or someone else does, the tools you’re using then can more readily identify future spam messages.

Your C-suite knows the company’s online reputation is protected.

As spoofing has become increasingly common, business leaders are understandably concerned about their companies’ emails being hijacked by hackers and their online reputation being sullied. And of course, the pressure is on IT to prevent that from happening. Luckily, if you choose an email security service with DMARC, your company’s online reputation is going to be well-protected from spoofing scams.

DMARC is an open email standard that works in conjunction with SPF and DKIM to provide protection at the domain level. Recipients of your company’s emails will know that they are actually sent by your domain, rather than a hacker. So you can tell the C-suite that there’s no way cybercrime is going to originate through your company’s domain.

You’ll receive fewer IT tickets.

On average, employees spend about 28 percent of their day managing email, receiving around 80 emails over a 24-hour period. With such a large portion of their workday devoted to email, it’s no wonder business IT departments are inundated with help requests regarding email security, whitelisting, potential malware and the like.

With an effective email security service, most employees will become a lot more autonomous. Look for a solution that filters emails based on the sender and their IP address reputation—rather than content. You can enlist a service that includes individual user email communities, groups of permitted email senders for every employee in your organization. That way, each user has more control over their inbox and remains immune to unwanted and malicious emails, but you can rest assured that they are not experiencing false positives. And since their email will actually work as it’s supposed to, you’re likely to see a lot fewer IT help tickets regarding email.

IT professionals—and employees in general—shouldn’t be spending more than a quarter of their day troubleshooting and managing email. Learn more about how Sendio can increase your company’s efficiency and productivity by helping employees to take back their inbox.