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5 Benefits of Hosted Anti Spam You Haven’t Considered

By February 11, 2016March 29th, 2019Blog

As anyone who works in IT knows, email security is a moving target. Hundreds of millions of email users are impacted by cybercrime every year, and corporate IT departments around the globe are constantly seeking new ways to fight the rising tide of spam, viruses and other email schemes.

Today, a growing number of business tools are being moved to the cloud, and many organizations are migrating to a hosted anti spam solution. Of course, hosted anti spam solutions provide several key benefits—namely, less time managing spam in-house. But did you know about these five perks that you might not have considered?

1. Less bandwidth and storage demand

An effective hosted anti spam solution will filter out all malicious and unwanted email before it ever hits your server, rather than within your own network. For companies of all sizes, this can provide a significant reduction in bandwidth and storage demand, which frees up resources for your other important business functions.

2. High availability/redundancy

Thanks to hosted anti spam, you’ll no longer have to worry about a single point of failure disrupting your company’s email server. Providers of cloud-based anti spam use more than one internet connection, as well as back-up generators, redundant power feeds, and a premium UPS and fire suppression system.

These important steps ensure that your email security will always be available, even during a network outage or a mail server failure at your premises. And if your selected vendor also provides email archiving, they should utilize redundant storage in order to protect your saved data.

3. Both inbound and outbound filtering

Many anti-spam software providers focus primarily on inbound filtering, while ignoring the need for outbound checks. This could leave your organization vulnerable to phishing, which is rapidly growing in popularity among cyber criminals. By making the switch to hosted anti spam, a company can ensure that both their inbound and outbound messages are being filtered effectively, so that your company’s identity is not mimicked by phishers.

4. Improved end-user productivity

A hosted anti spam solution can help maximize end-user productivity by keeping unauthorized and irrelevant emails out of your company’s network altogether. Opting for a solution with managed email communities takes this benefit a step further; with authorized sender lists, end-users only receive messages from members of their email community, which helps to ensure that every email is not only secure, but also relevant to the business.

Meanwhile, the IT department enjoys improved productivity as well. Since end-users are distracted by fewer spam messages, junk emails and false positives, they generally submit fewer service requests to IT, which frees up time to focus on more pressing concerns.

5. Up-to-the-minute protection

With a hosted solution, anti spam algorithms are updated constantly, even as new threats emerge and spammers employ different IP addresses. Meanwhile, algorithm updates for software-based solutions may be pushed out days or even weeks later, which could leave end users exposed during the interim.

Recognizing the need for improved email security, Sendio created its hosted anti-spam solution to safeguard one of the most critical business tools within your company. If your email security could use an upgrade, request a demo to see how hosted anti spam will benefit you.