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A word from our CEO: How is Sendio different?

By September 4, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Dear IT professionals:

When our sales team is speaking to potential new customers, they often get a variation of this question: “My spam filter already stops more than 99% of spam.  So, how is Sendio different?”

In this blog post I’ll discuss the four primary areas where we are better than the competition.

First, Sendio makes a promise to any new customer that “You will never miss an important client email again.”   A 99% block rate for spam is of little use if there is collateral damage to your business week-to-week as a result of important emails getting stuck in your anti-spam product.  Sendio uses no statistical anti-spam methods (scoring, Bayesian filters) or course content filters that are prone to inaccuracies.

Second, Bulk/Junk email is eliminated with Sendio.  Bulk email has become “the new spam” and its drag on employee productivity is significant based on various independent studies in the last 18 months.  Each Sendio user has a pending queue of held emails and by default all bulk email is held in that pending queue.  Users can simply and effectively approve the bulk senders that they do want to show up in their Inbox.  All others stay out of the Inbox.

Third, Sendio eliminates “zero-hour” and “narrowband” email borne threats.  While many IT professionals often state the that anti-spam and anti-virus is a solved problem across the Internet, there are still significant issues that come up from time-to-time.  Even a few spam, virus, or malware email campaigns that leak through in a 12-month period can cause significant headaches for an IT Manager.  Sendio’s security layers (anti-spam, anti-spoofing, etc. all work proactively so that new or narrowband threats (i.e. spam campaigns that target a much smaller set of domains) are stopped.  The very last security layer is the Sendio self-managing email community (to use more well-known terms think of the community as approved senders or Contacts).  If a sender is not in your community an auto-reply Sender Address Verification (SAV) challenge email can be sent back to the sender and they must reply to the SAV email to join your community.  This technique continues to be highly effective for narrowband threats.  A spam bot will not reply to such emails.  Also, a more detailed description of our five email security layers is on our web site at

Fourth, Sendio’s Customer Service is very proactive.  We understand that your business emails are critical in this age of email-centric business transactions and correspondence.  80% of our technical support cases are resolve in less than 2 hours.

In closing, let me add that Sendio is adding features that go beyond traditional anti-spam.  Users can already view spooled emails on their Sendio interface if the mail server is down and later this year full Email Continuity will be introduced where users can send/receive emails from Sendio during an unforeseen Internet or mail server outage.

One-on-one demos are available from our sales team if you want to learn more.

Regards, Kip Quackenbush