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Need to cut through a messy inbox quickly?

By October 31, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Need to cut through a messy inbox quickly? In this month’s roundup we’ll highlight some helpful articles that contain all the tips, tricks and tools you need to get rid of junk, maximize productivity and keep your inbox sparkling today.


5 Outlook Email Tips to Improve Productivity

For those using Outlook, these 5 tips can really help save time and maximize your productivity. The article includes classics like removing interruptions and organizing your messages, but all with specific instructions for the Outlook power user.


Email Productivity Tip: Use Search, not Folders

Here’s an interesting article from CBS that actually discusses the benefits of simply using your email manager’s built in search function over organizing into folders. The robust search features of most email applications are certainly capable enough to find what you’re looking for… as long as you yourself know.


Unroll.Me Adds New Blocking Features to Keep Your Inbox Free of Spam

LifeHacker recently ran an article on a few new features of the previously mentioned app Unroll.Me. Check out this article to find out how allows users to block spammers and senders quickly and easily, regardless of what email provider you use.


Email Productivity Tip: 4 Creative Uses of the Subject Line

This productivity article deals only with the art of the subject line. But what it may lack in scope, it certainly makes up for in depth. Tips such as “Use the subject line as the message for a very brief message.” Make this list a must have for every email ninja.


Email Management – Get That Inbox Sorted Quick!

Yet another article on clearing out the clutter and getting that inbox finally empty. This one has a few tricks we haven’t seen before such as creating a folder for your entire inbox and sorting through it once it’s out of your way. An interesting concept and one that can certainly get you at inbox zero pretty much immediately.


Email Productivity Tips for Marketers

This article claims to be simply tips for marketers, but can apply to just about anybody. Meant more as an addendum to LifeHacker’s “5 Tips to get Faster Email Responses” these tricks go into some depth regarding email productivity.


You can always find more email productivity tips on our blog, or just read our next Monthly Roundup, where you can sit back and relax as we scour the internet for the best email productivity tips.

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