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Email Myths

By January 16, 2015October 21st, 2021Blog

At Sendio, we live and breathe email, so we’re always looking for ways we can help you improve how you use your email. We recently came across a blog over on we wanted to share with you. The blog post titled “5 Email Myths You Should Stop Believing” offers some good advice you can apply to your email writing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Email Subject Lines Should Be Brief

This seems like common sense, but apparently it’s more like common non-sense. (Too punny?) The blog post says that there is no correlation between email open rates and the length of subject lines. There is, though, an art to writing an email subject line. While length might not be the most important factor, putting important words at the start of your subject line will help.

Adding Multiple Recipients to the “to” Field Will Increase Your Chance of Getting a Response

Anyone who paid attention to their Psych 100 course in college should remember the gist of the concept “diffusion of responsibility.” (You didn’t skip that class, did you?) Basically, if you’re in a crowd of people and ask the group for help, you’re less likely to receive help than if you ask one person for help. The same thing goes for the emails you send. If you send an email to one person, that person knows that he (or she) is expected to give a response.

If You Don’t Hear Back, Wait a Few Days

No one wants to be a pest, so it seems like it makes sense to give someone a few days to respond to your email… but think that through. How often do you see an email from someone and decide you’ll be responding in a few days. You might do it sometimes, but very seldomly. Even if you intend to get around to responding to the email, you’ll probably forget. The same is true for people who you send an email to, so don’t be afraid to follow-up with another email or a phone call.

Focusing on the Sender

All of those tips are well and good, but what if you’re on the other end of those emails? If your inbox is filling up with emails sent to big groups of people or if you’re missing emails and not getting back to people for days, you have your own problems to deal with. Who is out there looking out for you – the important, busy person with the inundated inbox? Sendio is.

The average worker receives about 85 emails a day, but only 11 of those are from a real human being. Time you spend wading through the piles of unnecessary emails that end up in your inbox takes time away from more important things you could be doing. Sendio gives you back control of your inbox by eliminating all unwanted machine generated email. Want to give Sendio a try and find out what you’ll do with all the time you’ll get back? Click below to schedule a free trial of Sendio.