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Email Security in Finance

By August 28, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Threats are everywhere in the financial industry. Money is a key motivator for crime of any nature, making a business built around money a primary target, financial institutions inherently dangerous and trust an unrivaled business value. It’s evident that trusting employees and co-workers carries a lot of weight, but how does an institution ensure the reliability of other, non-human tools fundamental to business?

The average inbox is both an indispensable business tool and perilous gateway into your network for cyber-attackers. With attacks leading to losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars and the FBI warning financial institutions last September that they were being highly targeted by fraudsters, it’s imperative that those in the finance industry leave no room for error when it comes to inbox security.


Traditional anti-spam solutions are based on message content and manually remove spam that has not been detected by the filter, a process that is nearly impossible to perform accurately. Financial institutions that use these anti-spam solutions are seeing them become less and less effective as attackers continue to develop even more sophisticated strategies, and costs rise as anti-spam solutions must continue to invest in new techniques to catch new threats.


Trusted Communities take an entirely new approach and are based on contacts rather than content and the good instead of the bad. By allowing you to decide who you want in your community, they nearly eliminate IT management time, deliver an unprecedented level of security and guarantee the receipt of all important emails. Read our White Paper below for an in-depth look at how Trusted Communities provide complete security and business continuity while significantly improving work productivity.

Additionally – see what Sajan Antony, the IT Manager at Medley Global Advisors, has to say about the Sendio solution below.

In an industry that revolves around what cyber-criminals are after, the security decisions financial institutions make are some of their most important. Employing an exclusive technique that combines human intuition and machine technology, Trusted Communities eliminate uncertainty and prevent unwanted mail of any kind from ever entering your network.

We have just released a brand new, on-demand webcast, Email Security, Productivity and Continuity in Finance featuring our Global Sales Director, Rouz Lotfi. Watch it to understand key email challenges in finance, why traditional email filters are ineffective in the financial industry and how to set up a Trusted Community for your business.