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Looking for Email Encryption?

By February 4, 2014October 21st, 2021Blog

So, you’ve got a message that you want to keep away from prying eyes? At Sendio we understand the importance of data encryption. That’s why, whether you’re dealing with sensitive patient information, private client facing documents or simply starting a secret club, we can help you encrypt that secret stuff so that it stays safe.

Our encryption is server-to-server, which means that every message you send is safe from the moment it leaves our server to moment it’s delivered to the recipient’s email server. For most of our customers, this server-to-server encryption will be more than enough to ensure that their messages stay secure. However, some of you may need a little more protection.

We’re only human, and we know our limitations when it comes to endpoint encryption. Endpoint encryption can prove problematic and is really only needed by customers with specific compliance requirements. That’s why, rather than try to spread ourselves thin doing everything like some companies we know, (*Cough* Barracuda, *cough*) we suggest our users utilize an external service for endpoint encryption.

Because of this, for our users that require endpoint encryption, we recommend using Zix. Their best-of-breed ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services cover any email encryption that goes beyond what we can handle, and Zix integrates well with Sendio for ease of use. Our customers deserve the very best solutions that they can get ahold of, and for email encryption and archiving it doesn’t get much better than Zix.

If you’re in the market for an email solution and endpoint encryption, it can be tempting to find a company that rolls both together in a convenient package. Unfortunately, no one company can be the best at everything and what you may end up with is one inferior product rather than two separate first-rate ones. If you’re just in the market for an incredible email security solution with server-to-server encryption, then Sendio is all you’ll ever need. But for our users whose compliance issues require a little bit more, Sendio and Zix can make a powerful team.