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Meet Sendio: Spotlight on Cameron Brown

By January 21, 2014June 17th, 2017Blog


Here’s What’s Wrong with Email.

We have a lot of fun on this blog, but today I’d like to speak to a matter that’s a little closer to my heart. As an original founder of Sendio, I’m often asked about the reason I wanted to create an email security solution. The answer is simple, I didn’t.

Sendio wasn’t founded just to stop spam and malicious emails, although it does extremely well. Instead, we created Sendio with a bigger idea in mind, one that has guided the company since it’s inception.

We want you to have meaningful conversations.

These days, the torrent of messages you receive in your inbox are a jumble of advertisements, promotions, updates, receipts and other electronic debris. Too often, meaningful conversations are lost in this sea of junk, buried deep beneath a mountain of “cheap medication” and “pre-approved credit cards.” The unfortunate reality is that we’ve created the world around email. We collaborate through it. We converse through it. We encourage and commune and inspire through it and it’s broken. Companies that use our services aren’t doing so because of a minor annoyance, but because the fundamental structure of email is inherently flawed, so much so that typing “stop spam” into Google retrieves over two hundred million results. When the primary way that many of us communicate is so defective that it cannot be used without hair-pulling, fist-clenching frustration— it’s time for a change.

Our goal when creating Sendio was to make it easier for us to communicate. We wanted to provide real people a platform to make it easier to reach out. Our main philosophy was pretty simple, search for signs of life that wanted a real conversation and block the rest. It’s actually amazing how quickly we were embraced, particularly in industries that were fed up with spam blockers and missing emails. We set out to help people view email from a different perspective and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

So sure, on the exterior Sendio appears to be an anti-spam solution, and I can promise that it is an excellent one at that, but to me it’s so much more. To me, Sendio is a way to throw a spotlight on the exchanges that matter. It’s a way to bring the humanity back to email, focus on the people and cut the noise that makes it so hard to hear.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog.