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New Habits for the New Year

By December 22, 2014October 21st, 2021Blog

You’re about to ring in the New Year with your first legal Cuban Cigar in 50 years, you’ve avoided having to sit through the latest bomb from Sony Pictures (too soon?), and you have a full tank of gas that you could actually afford – the time’s never been better to keep the ball rolling by forming some new productive work habits.

Take a look at these suggestions and see if you can identify any ways you can improve your work habits in the new year.

  1. Put your clients first – Your clients should always be your focus, but it can be easy to get distracted. You’re busy, so it can be difficult to maintain a client-centered focus. Use this time at the beginning of the new year to think about how you can better serve your clients. This is your chance to innovate and come up with an idea that will improve your business.
  2. Start a new routine – When it gets down to it, life is a series of habits. It’s often easy to start bad habits but hard to start good ones. Use the beginning of the new year to identify some good habits you want to start. You might want to think about things like finishing every day with zero unread email or responding to every email from a client within half an hour – but find habits that make sense for you. Because good habits are often difficult to start, set aside time and extra effort in January to help yourself form a good new habit or two.
  3. Do some winter spring cleaning – Why do should you wait until spring to do your cleaning? January is a great time to start fresh. Having a clean desk and workspace is a great way to help yourself stay focused and on-task. Another important thing you should think about cleaning up is your inbox. Now is a good time to unsubscribe from the automated emails you no longer want to receive. You might also want to start an email filing system (or recommit to using your email files) to make finding old emails easier.

At Sendio, we live and breathe email, so that last one is close to our heart (and apparently our lungs, too). An organized inbox does wonders for your productivity, but keeping it clean enough to be productive can be a real chore.

The average worker receives about 85 emails a day, but only 11 of those are from a real human being. Sendio gives you back control of your inbox by eliminating all unwanted machine generated email. Want to give Sendio a try and see how it can help everyone in your organization start the year off on a better foot? Click below to schedule a free trial of Sendio.