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New E-Guide: 9 Things Zombies and Bulk Emails Have in Common

By November 18, 2014May 3rd, 2021Blog

8 Things Zombies and Bulk Emails Have in CommonIt’s a hard time to be a zombie. There aren’t too many jobs out there for workers whose entire resume is just the word “BRAINS” written over and over. Here at Sendio, we’re pretty sure zombies must be finding jobs sending machine generated email. Why? We’ve noticed bulk email has a suspicious amount in common with zombies. Take at look at our e-guide and judge for yourself.

Inefficient use of email can cost your organization big in lost productivity. The average worker receives 85 emails each day:

  • 10 end up in a spam folder.
  • 64 are bulk mail sent by a computer that doesn’t merit a response.
  • 11 are important and need to be responded to right away.

Out of the 75 emails in the average worker’s inbox each day, what if all the spam was eliminated and all the bulk mail was summarized and delivered in one email? Instead of constantly being disrupted all day, you would only receive 12 emails – finally freeing you from becoming an email zombie.

Sendio’s Opt-Inbox™ will help you avoid being an email zombie by eliminating unwanted machine generated email from your inbox. Interested in learning more about Opt-Inbox™ or trying it out for yourself? Request your free trial or call (949) 274-4375.