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In the News: Email Security Industry Updates: November 2015

By December 3, 2015June 17th, 2017Blog

Stay ahead with the latest news and industry trends in email security. Here’s a round up of recent headlines in the IT industry to help you keep up to date.

1. UC Mandates Cybersecurity Awareness Training for all Employees

Some organizations are opting to implement mandatory cybersecurity training for all employees, including the University of California. In this article, various UC employees voice their opinion whether or not they feel the training is necessary or worth it.

2. Email Encryption is Broken

This article identifies that large chunks of email traffic are being deliberately stripped of their encryption or sent without any in the first place. Further, emails that are encrypted by Google can be easily reversed, leaving those messages vulnerable to hackers.

3. Cyber Secure: A Look at Employee Cybersecurity Habits in the Workplace

Employees’ lack of cybersecurity knowledge is putting organizations at risk. Check out this whitepaper for trends in where employees are leaving their companies at risk and take away some tips for your own organization.

4. Insight: Top 4 Ways to Prevent Email Insider Threats

As the number of emails employees send each day grows, the risk of leaking confidential information increases as well. This article shared 4 helpful tips to prevent the threat.

5. The First 5 Things to do After an Email Security Breach

A handy article to keep around if an email security breach should ever occur in your organization. Equip your company by putting these protocols into place in advance.

With the ever changing threats in email security, it can be hard to keep up. Check out the eBook below to see why or why not your email security solution is offering your company enough protection.