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In the News: Email Security Industry Updates

By October 6, 2015June 17th, 2017Blog

All of the industry’s latest developments, trends in technology, and threat intelligence in email security and spam will give you what you’ll need to keep your company secure.

1. How Can Enterprises Prevent Man-in-the-Email Attacks?

There’s an attack on foreign business that has cost enterprise businesses nearly $215 million in a little over a year. It’s known as a Business Email Compromise (BEC), and it works by hacking or mocking the email of authority officials in the company who deal with financial transactions. Learn more about protecting against man-in-the-mail attacks on TechTarget.

2. FBI: Major business e-mail scam blasts 270% increase since 2015

While on the subject – since the FBI first began collecting data in 2013, there have been over 7,000 companies victimized in the United States from BEC campaigns. This scam has resulted in over $740 million in losses; however, because scammers are getting extremely good at making scam emails appear legitimate, stopping them is becoming more difficult. To learn more about BEC, visit Network World.

3. Five Reasons Intel Should Spin Off McAfee

When Intel announced in 2010 that they’d be acquiring McAfee, many, including Richard Stiennon, were skeptical. In this post from Forbes, you’ll find five, well-thought reasons why Intel should reverse the blunder of 2010. Read more.

4. FBI Alert: Latest CryptoWall Ransomware Damage More Than $18 Million

When factoring in the unreported cases of CryptoWall Ransomware between April and June 2015, the associated cost per victim is estimated at $18,145 according to FBI reports. The most frequently used vector being phishing email with an affected attachment. Learn what to do to protect your company in this article.

5. Seven Hot Advances In Email Security

Email is an integral part of business operations, but it is also a point of breech for cyber threats, especially as more and more email is accessed on mobile devices. Check out these seven methods of email security in this article from Information Week.

Are you interested in advancing your email security solutions to keep pace with the growing risk of email threats? Relying on a system of malware filters and reputation scoring technologies over content filtering, Sendio allows you to eliminate the spam from your inbox without the headache of false positives and lost mail. If you’re looking for a safe, secure and spotless inbox, we can help. Request a demo today to learn more.