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Phishing email targets University of Texas

By September 23, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Corporations hounded by phishing campaigns

Corporate brands are being attacked more widely by phishing campaigns, according to a new report. (

Phishers expand brands, shift gears

New data from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) shows more brands are being abused than ever in phishing campaigns, while mass phishing attacks are on the decline. (

Gone Phishing: How major websites get hacked

Though the targets of the recent headline-making attacks are big media organizations, security experts warn that anyone who works online may be at risk from the same malicious technique: phishing. (

FX Broker Warns IB’s Against Possible Phishing Scams

Introducing brokers operating in the margin FX business have been hit by a spree of counterfeit emails posing as their broker. In the email, introducers were being directed to a dummy page that mirrored the domain name of the broker, in the case of FXCM, their IB’s were being re-directed to their partner section. (

Social engineering and phishing attacks are getting smarter, but are employers?

A new study on user risk shows that employers are willingly conducting user awareness training, but only half of them follow-up with additional tests to gauge such training’s effectiveness. (

Police warn of phishing scam with fake Verizon email 

Police are warning of a phishing scam involving an email that appears to have been sent from Verizon. (

Phishing scam targets employees and students of UT

University of Texas (UT) has cautioned employees and students of a phishing e-mail campaign aiming at them. (