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Social Media Tools Weaken Email Security

By July 1, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Welcome back to the Weekly Roundup! This regular publication of email security news is released each Monday to ensure you’re up to date on all the latest news surrounding email security, recapping current email exploits and giving you the knowledge necessary to properly secure your proprietary information and confidential data. This is the July 1, 2013 edition, providing information about social media as it relates to email privacy, the latest developments surrounding the NSA, details about Texas’ new email privacy law and more.

Enjoy and, as always, be sure to check back next week!

Social media tools weaken email privacy

Another NSA internet and email data collection program revealed

New PRISM leaks detail ‘live notification’ of email logins, sent messages, and chat service usage

NSA Chief on Email Collection: NSA Deleted Data, Wanted to Protect Privacy

Europe furious, ‘shocked’ by report of US spying

USA: Texan email privacy law to ‘spur overhaul’ of ECPA

Small business employees are failing to prevent security breaches and data leaks despite training in IT and security, research finds.

Phishing scam detected in university emails

Scam email falsely offers tax refund from city council