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Spam Folders Don’t Cut It

By May 6, 2014October 21st, 2021Blog

A common question that we get here in the old email game, is why we’re so adamant on cutting out junk mail completely. Many users have a spam folder that filters out a good majority of their junk, and often the thought process is, “Why get rid of it entirely when I can quarantine and act on it however I wish?” Whether it’s for fear that an important email might turned down (which we’ve already explained doesn’t happen with Sendio,) or out of some inherent need to have control over their email, often users feel that a spam folder gives them the power to make certain nothing is lost.

Alright we’ll put this to you straight: People make mistakes. We know, we know. You’re looking around your office right now and singling out the few cro-magnon email dummies that you’re sure would click on a phishing message, or sign up for a junk newsletter or click a malware link. You’re looking at all of them and thinking, “well, sure. Terry would totally do that. But not me.” Bottom line though? People make mistakes.

Email-borne phishing and malware threats became a mainstream problem in about 2004 but didn’t see a huge growth until 2011, when targeted, dangerous phishing attacks entered the email landscape at previously unseen levels. And while the newly remodeled spam filters were good at detecting spam, they had nothing on the phishing email.

Phishing messages need to be handled differently than spam, because a content filter simply won’t catch the subtle clues that an email is actually bogus. That’s why we use multiple layers of protection in order to catch any sign at all that an email is actually an attempt to gain access to you or your computer.

More importantly, at Sendio we offer our Opt-Inbox, a response challenge system designed to ensure that everyone who makes it to your inbox is actually searching a conversation. Even the best email investigators can be tricked sometimes, that’s why Sendio makes sure the tricksters never even make it to your inbox.

When it comes to email security, we’d like to look back to on the words of a great man, far ahead of his time. Just as Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool Sendio.”

(Okay, we may have made that last part up.)