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Stop Training Your Employees and Start Training Your Inbox

By February 27, 2017June 17th, 2017Blog

Employers are constantly warning their employees not to click on links or download attachments from unknown senders. But what if we never had to warn anyone because these malicious emails never make it to the inbox?

In the article “Security Training 101: Stop Blaming the User” Andrew Howard says, “… to err is human, and our energies would be better served not on assessing blame but on protecting the organization from users — and users from themselves.” It seems that user education has become a main way for companies to defend themselves against cyber threats. However, this isn’t realistic. Human error is almost guaranteed so why continue spending time and money educating employees when organizations could easily purchase a solution to the problem.

With our email security solutions like Opt-Inbox and Server Recon, unwanted emails will never make it into your employee’s inbox.

What is Server Recon?

Server Recon is our first line of defense; it stops automated spamming computer backgrounds. Sendio tracks source IP addresses for all emails sent to its customers 24/7. When a new IP address sends a message, Sendio defers the email in the SMTP transaction. Once there’s a retry from the sender, the email is accepted for further processing within Sendio’s other security layers. After this step, the IP address won’t undergo a Server Recon deferral for the next 30 days. If the customer would like, they can exempt certain senders from Server Recon completely. Automated spamming systems rarely retry a deferred message so they are usually defeated without their email even being accepted.

What is Opt-Inbox?

Opt-Inbox has three parts. First, the sent email goes through Sender Address Verification (SAV). The email is only delivered to the inbox if the sender replies to a message from Sendio asking them to verify they are a real person. SAV stops spam from getting into inboxes and only lets through messages wanting to have a conversation. Email address community is the second part of Opt-Inbox. Existing contacts or anyone users send an email to are added to the community so that anytime they send users an email, it will automatically go to the inbox. But where do the emails go that didn’t’ get through SAV? They go to the third part of Opt-Inbox, the queue. The queue is where all those messages are archived. Users can easily access them and override SAV to allow any bulk mail they want to be delivered to their inbox.

Having email security solutions like Opt-Inbox and Server Recon can prevent employees from falling for phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and other cybercrimes.