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University Email Security Practices Criticized

By August 12, 2013October 14th, 2021Blog


Becoming More Difficult to Detect Phishing Email Attack Says Security Experts (Spam Fighter)

Chicago Tribune recently reported a study conducted by Verizon Communications Incorporation, one of the largest wireless relevant products/services carriers saying that almost every incident of online espionage in 2012 involved some sort of phishing attack.

University Email Security Practices Criticized (Information Week)

Are colleges and universities, those bastions of open discussion and debate, paradoxically putting sensitive information at risk because their email systems transport messages unencrypted over the public Internet?

Phishing Scam Poses As Cox Communications (The Advertiser)

A new phishing email that poses as a missive from Cox Communications is trying to gain personal information from unsuspecting people.

Hacking Tool Analyzes Twitter To Make Phishing Emails More Realistic (Information Age)

Two ethical hackers have developed a tool to make phishing emails more realistic by mimicking an individual’s language on Twitter.

Spear-Phishing Paves Road For Advanced Persistent Threats (CSO Online)

Cyber intrusions that remain undetected for long periods of time and leak information to hackers and online spooks are on the rise, spearheaded by an aptly-named form of spam called spear-phishing.