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What sets Sendio apart?

By May 10, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Traditional, content-based spam filtering uses rules to classify what content is spam and what is legitimate. As you can imagine, relevant content varies drastically from one setting to another. For example, the word “Viagra” would be completely inappropriate in a school setting, but could be perfectly relevant in a medical office. Basing mail filtering decisions on content will never allow you to be 100% accurate.

Sendio takes an entirely new anti-spam approach based on contacts, not content. Contact checking provides our users with total email protection and guarantees they receive all clean messages by asking a simple question, “Who do you want to receive mail from?”.

We have made it easy to import contacts from a CRM system, accounting application or Outlook when setting up your Sendio community. For important clients, you can easily set up a company-wide whitelist entry. When you send an outbound message, that contact is immediately added to your network. New users sending you a message for the first time are given the opportunity to opt-in to the whitelist via a brief invitation process and Sender Address Verification.

In social networks, you verify the person is in your community before becoming their friend or connection; our system is based on the same principle. If you don’t want strangers, hackers and phishers interrupting your digital life in a personal setting, why would you subject your professional communication and confidential data to this vulnerability?

If you have more questions about the system and interface, watch our Product Training Video here. To provide the best support experience possible, we also have also maintain a directory of Frequently Asked Questions.