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Android scareware delivered via spoofed email

By September 16, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

NAB phishing email emerges

The National Australia Bank (NAB) has warned customers about an email scam which claims that access to their account is restricted. (ComputerWorld).

Security experts warn of spam emails promising free pets

The spam emails which greet the recipients with “Hello there”, thank them for their interest in adopting the charming male and female kittens which are said to be 11 weeks old. They are said to be CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) registered and supposedly have been properly vaccinated with updated veterinary records still being available for the adopter. (SpamFighter)

Study: people open email even if it’s suspicious

A recent study of 1,000 users concluded that email is simply an attractive nuisance, like a water feature in your neighbor’s yard. About a third of the participants said they’d open email even if they knew it to be suspicious.

Android scareware delivered via spoofed email notices

A spam campaign targeting Android and PC users simultaneously has been recently spotted by FireEye researchers.

Email spam campaign distributes Android scareware

The attack suggests that cybercriminals are increasingly looking at email as a method of distributing Android malware, researchers say. (Network World)