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Email False Positives Can Be Expensive

By March 4, 2014October 21st, 2021Blog

Everyone has lost a valid email to a spam filter at some point. These emails, called “false positives” by us email-folk, can often go completely unnoticed, particularly if you’re not resolutely sifting through your spam folder every day. You are sifting through your spam folder every day right? No? Oh, dear…

Well, unfortunately those false positives can be anything from purchase orders and critical internal communications, to contracts and customer inquiries, trapped inside the quarantines of your email service, doomed to a life of wrongful incarceration. What’s worse, false positives like these cost US businesses over $10 billion dollars every year according to Osterman research.

So the only option is diligently sorting through every piece of spam in your quarantine and wasting hours every week just to make sure you haven’t accidentally employed the email equivalent of the guards from The Count of Monte Cristo? The problem is, if your reason for using a spam blocking service was productivity, then you haven’t actually achieved anything at all have you?

It’s not much of a better system if you go from wasting your time deleting spam, to wasting time organizing it. After all, we spend enough time on email as it is. Employees in the workplace, on average, spend 165 minutes of the typical workday “managing” their email, which puts the time spent on phone calls, social media and (nonemail) interoffice communications to shame. When you consider how much time needs to be spent checking over the spam that’s already been dealt with by the spam filter, it’s clear that the spam filter isn’t really living up to its end of the bargain.

That’s why Sendio uses a powerful combination of silverlisting, whitelisting, IP reputation checking and our exclusive Sender Address Verification to create an email solution that delivers the email you want every time, and nothing you don’t. We view email from a fundamentally different point of view, focusing on the emails you do want instead of what you’d like blocked. If you’d like more information or want to try Sendio risk free let us know, we’d be happy to have you join our trusted community.