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Monthly Roundup

By November 26, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Looking to make your inbox more secure and productive? In this month’s Roundup we’ve gathered a few articles to help you finally reclaim your inbox. From videos to infographics, this list has everything you need to get your inbox cleaner, more secure and more productive today. Well, almost everything.

Our first article comes from and serves as a warning to Mac users everywhere. Apparently phishers have already begun to take advantage of Apple fans’ enthusiasm by posing as a an email looking for the users account information. Once they’ve got that, phishers can find all manner of information by simply using whatever information is available online. Mac users be warned and on the lookout.

This festive guide gives good advice to get you noticed amidst the holiday inbox madness. With the slew of holiday e-cards, family correspondence, airline and shipping notifications and special offers, it can be easy for your email to slip by unnoticed. Check out this guide to ensure that your brother-in-law doesn’t miss that sports-themed retelling of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

In this video, productivity guide Alex Mandossian talks you through three simple tips to boost email productivity. Mostly for outgoing stuff, Alex’s tips talk you through becoming a more efficient email user, and how you can try to get the same out of your colleagues. The video’s got a little “cheese factor” but the information within is solid.


Terry’s Computer Tips is an ongoing blog written in a very conversational (and downright delightful) tone. In this section Big Terry discusses tips for cutting down on email SPAM, shares his thoughts on text SPAM and even shows an example of what a phishing email looks like. An all around useful resource for anybody looking to cut down on SPAM and boost security.


George Kao lists ten tips to achieve and maintain the coveted “inbox zero.” Beginning with a list of the different types of emails you’ll receive and how to view each one, Kao’s tips, which include some basic, well-known productivity suggestions and some that are a little more novel such as shutting off an email app between uses to save you the worry of having to constantly check, cover the spectrum of productivity well and are well laid out for easy reading.


Finally we have a bit of a blast from the past. Journalist Simon Garfield shares ten old letter writing tips that still apply to contemporary correspondence. Think you’re classy enough to use the term “contemporary correspondence?” Then you’re definitely classy enough to take centuries old email tips from the BBC. We clearly are.

You can always find more email productivity tips on our blog, or just read our next Monthly Roundup, where you can sit back and relax as we scour the internet for the very best in email productivity and security strategies.And don’t forget, nothing keeps inboxes cleaner than Sendio’s Trusted Email Communities. Unlike traditional SPAM filters, Trusted Communities focus on only those emails you want, so you’re left with nothing you don’t.