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Sendio One of Few Email Providers Using End-to-End Encryption via TLS to Prevent Surveillance

By June 27, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

Our most recent email security news roundup touched on the importance of SMTP-TLS, and how critical end-to-end encryption is in protecting privacy. We also learned that most major email providers lack the feature, including Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft Hotmail.

As you know, Sendio is committed to providing best-in-class email security, and this includes end-to-end encryption via TLS. Let’s take a look at just what SMTP-TLS is and why it matters to your business.

What is SMTP-TLS?

SMTP-TLS stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Transport Layer Security. Transport Layer Security is a protocol ensuring confidentiality between communicating devices. Through encryption and authentication, the protocol makes it more difficult for hackers to intercept messages and verifies the receivers and senders are who they say they are.

Why is TLS important?

Sending messages without end-to-end encryption leaves your communication open for surveillance among other threats. A goal in all information-reliant workplaces is unmatched email security — TLS is crucial to prevent eavesdropping, message tampering and spoofing (message forgery).

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