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Sendio regarded as one of few companies “shaking things up” in Upstart Business Journal

By July 9, 2013October 21st, 2021Blog

A recent article in Upstart Business Journal, “Break away from the ‘Trend Chasers’: Why entrepreneurs should shake things up”, recognizes Sendio’s ingenuity and innovation. Rather than chasing the “next best thing”, as most entrepreneurs do, our team at Sendio saw an opportunity in an established industry and applied a new, innovative perspective.

Entrepreneurs are so occupied trying to discover the next Pinterest or Instagram that they’re overlooking established industries that are in desperate need of new ideas. The email security and spam management industry was broken. Although email is a tool intended to aid communication and productivity, unwanted mail at work was both an annoyance and a huge drain on productivity. Rather than joining the rat race of content-filtering email security solutions, we saw a previously unseen opportunity to bypass unwanted mail altogether by building your own, secure community for communication – a privacy concept similar to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you’re not already familiar with our email security solution, Sendio stops all spam and machine born threats known as botnets, while allowing all legitimate emails. Our solution doesn’t filter email content at all. Instead, you’re able to build your own, protected, self-managing community; this ensures you always receive important communication from customers, suppliers, partners, friends, associates and other members of your “community” and you never have to worry about the bad stuff.

Access the full article here.